Solar Academy Graduate School is located on the INES campus in Savoie, France. INES (National Institute for Solar Energy) is a platform for research in Solar Energy (100 M invested in 10 years) with 450 employees working at INES in 2019 (about 350 at CEA and 100 at USMB/CNRS).

The mission of the Solar Academy is to become a national and international leader in scientific research, engineering, business, economy and law for a model of low-carbon distributed generation and consumption. Central to its organization is a multidisciplinary approach to enable the large-scale utilization of the solar energy resource. The Solar Academy combines practice and theory in the areas of solar and building physics, scientific computing, material science, business, law, sociology architecture and urban planning.




The solar academy in implying 7 labs organized in 3 scientific axes :

  • solar resources for multiscale energy needs (engineering and specific interface treatment) ;
  • solar resource digitalization for a better reliability (implying labs in field of applied mathematics, numerics and data treatment);
  • disseminating solar energy use in the built  environment (implying economics, law, sociology and history).



USMB (University Savoie Mont Blanc), project leader and a high-level research and multidisciplinary university with significant expertise in solar energy, energy efficiency in buildings, as well as in social sciences,  modelling and digital sciences.

CNRS supporting several joint research units with USMB and very active in coordinating research on solar energy.

CEA, key player in innovation, research and development, and the organization responsible for the experimental facilities at INES.



 SOLAR ACADEMY GRADUATE SCHOOL (EUR) is among the 24 projects selected, out of 81 submitted, by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in the framework of the second wave of the “Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir (PIA3)”.